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The ultrafine pulverization of Chinese medicine refers to the products combined with advanced ultraf

But this plastic grinder can only be pulverized plastic products. If you want to smash some other things, you can choose and purchase other types of grinding machines. The gas flow pulverizer is one of the pulverizer. If you have a need to purchase a gas flow crusher, please contact Tsinghua Powder Machinery.

The ultrafine pulverization of Chinese medicine refers to the products combined with advanced ultrafine pulverization technology and Chinese medicine theory.

Airflow is broken, and there is no moving component without any motor, and there is no motor such as motor. The ultrafine pulverizer is a super-small grinding ultra-fine pulverizer, suitable for university laboratories, factory laboratories, pharmacies, Chinese medicine hospitals, and families to do fine grinding. Hongxu series models can be widely used in the ultrafine pulverization needs of Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, biological, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical, ceramics, metallurgical minerals. Especially for fiber (such as Chinese herbal medicine, ganoderma lucidum, etc.), high hardness (such as diamond, ceramics, etc.), the crushing effect of high hardness (such as diamond, ceramics, etc.) is more perfect. The high pressure air generated by the air compressor is immediately released to the interior of the crushing host through the airflow nozzle of the crusher. The traditional grinding medium does not have "abrasive", "grinding ball", "wear rail", etc. The material is driven by high pressure air and collides with each other in the crushing host. To achieve the purpose of pulverization. The crusher sometimes there will be some small faults during use, and some small faults can be handled by themselves. They do not have to request professional maintenance personnel to repair, and then talk about how to deal with some small faults. Crusher. The ultra-fine pulverization of Chinese medicine refers to the products combined with Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine extracts, Chinese medicine preparations, traditional Chinese medicine formulations, etc. The technology improves the quality of Chinese medicine, improves the utilization of traditional Chinese medicine, and promotes the standardization of traditional Chinese medicine, one of the important ways to achieve traditional Chinese medicine. Large equipment is not much. Compared with the above-mentioned ultrafine ultrafine pulverizer, the fluidized bed has a significant advantage of the hit ultrafine pulverizer, and should strengthen theoretical research and guide the design of the polishing equipment. Did not stop expanding the energy of the company, retaining companies have more other products with ball mill grading production lines, abandoning the parent company to set up equipment from the vital mall, weaken the rescalation and construction of the community, and cultivate training, training and promotion skills Ultrafine pulverization is carried out in a fully enclosed system, which can avoid the pollution of the microfow powder to the surrounding environment, but also prevent dust from dust in the air. This technology can be applied to food and health products, control microorganisms and dust pollution. This crusher needs to note during use.Some things, mainly: check the crushing cavity of the crusher before crushing, whether it is empty, if there is any words, it should be cleared in time. The principle, characteristics and scope of the air classifier are involved in the classification machinery articles such as "the principles, operations and maintenance" of the gas flow classifier, but also made detailed descriptions, so for these contents, editors Will not be repeated. The application of the airflow pulverizer has reached a more fine purpose, which makes the previous crushing uncomfortable, so that the performance of the current airflow crusher is, what is characterized, the following will give you a detailed introduction. In the future, the pharmaceutical machinery market will pursue more environmental protection. Only constantly updating and utilizing technological innovation, developing environmentally friendly crushing systems to meet the special technical requirements of the pharmaceutical industry to achieve cleaning production.