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Matters need to pay attention to using Chinese medicine ultrafine crushers

2, when pulverized, do not incorporate the hardness of the hardness and a material having a particle size greater than 6 mm. High moisture content must be dried or freeze to reduce moisture to 6%.

Matters need to pay attention to using Chinese medicine ultrafine crushers 3, must check the fastening screw of the rotating bracket before use. The material box must be clamped. 4, please use the appropriate voltage source to ensure that the power cord is in good condition to avoid fire or injury. 5. In order to ensure the quality of the crush, the charge should be strictly controlled in 1/2 of the volume of the box. 6. During the operation, you cannot use it for a long time at room temperature, and each start-up time cannot exceed 30 minutes. Prevent bearing from overheating and damage the motor. If you need continuous production and use, you need a special refrigeration device. 7. After long-term use, if the belt is worn, the hose is damaged or leakage should be replaced in time. 8. After each ultrafine pulverization operation, the machine will air in 2 minutes, and the remaining materials will be suckled. 9. If an abnormal sound occurs during the operation, it should be immediately stopped for inspection. The ultrafine pulverizer is a super-small grinding ultra-fine pulverizer, suitable for university laboratories, factory laboratories, pharmacies, Chinese medicine hospitals, and families to do fine grinding. Hongxu series models can be widely used in the ultrafine pulverization needs of Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, biological, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical, ceramics, metallurgical minerals. Especially for fiber (such as Chinese herbal medicine, ganoderma lucidum, etc.), high hardness (such as diamond, ceramics, etc.), the crushing effect of high hardness (such as diamond, ceramics, etc.) is more perfect. 10. When the replacement material or a long time is stopped, the grinding cylinder should be cleaned. The inner walls and media of the abrasive tube can be cleaned with starch, water, alcohol or other solvent, and finally dry cloth to ensure that the abrasive tube and medium are dried. Ultrafrupted should pay a regular maintenance during use to extend its service life.