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Laboratory airflow classifier selection effect and precision than other equipment

Airflow milling is large, high automation, fine product particle size, narrow particle size distribution, high purity, high activity, good dispersibility, etc., is widely used.

In the various pharmaceutical research and development laboratories, the various industries have various industries in various industries. Some requirements D50, some requires D97, and some require minimal particles or in maximum particles. However, the material after pulverizing the pulverizer often does not meet the R & D requirements, so that the particle size of the powder is required to grade the particle size of the powder, 325 mesh, can be sieved by the vibrating screen, but 325 mesh materials, vibrating screen The way, it is not very suitable, or even if the laboratory is made, it is not suitable for actual production, so the laboratory requires a graded machine, ie laboratory airflow classifier.

The airflow classifier is very widely used in the current mineral industry, but it is a relatively large machinery, which cannot be placed in the laboratory. Shandong Erpa will develop a very suitable airflow classifier used in the laboratory. It has its performance to achieve the same level.

Characteristics of laboratory airflow classifiers:
1, small area is small, only 4m2 or so
2, easy to disassemble, design standard reference pharmaceutical industry, easy to remove, installed, no dead angle
3 It can be sprayed, ceramic and other processes to meet electronics, batteries, air and other industries required for metal content
4. Using US imported filter materials, gas emissions meet environmental requirements
5, system automation control, easy to operate
The laboratory airflow classifier parameters are as follows:
1, grading particle diameter: 2 ~ 75um
2, processing amount: 1 ~ 5kg / h
3, total power: 3kw
laboratory airflow The classifier can be applied to metal powder, synthetic chemical powder, food, lithium electrical materials, metallurgy, abrasive, ceramics, refractory materials, pharmaceutical, pesticide, health products, new materials, etc., the effect and accuracy is significantly better than other points. Select the device.

At the same time, AlPA loves powder technology with its own excessive quality and good market reputation, and has also gained more and more new customers, Hongrun Petrochemical, three trees coatings. Ningde TimesBydi Automobile and other enterprises have chosen all series of airflow crusher products under Alpa love powder technology in accordance with their own needs.