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Ultrafine airflow classifier can easily obtain a need for particle size

Airflow mill tells us that the gas flow mill is still used in the industrial industry, such as flat air flow, other types of gas flow such as spray gas flow, fluidized bed gas flow grinding. Moreover, gas flow grinding is also widely used because gas flow mills themselves have more particular functions, which can save a large amount of manpower, and can also effectively improve labor efficiency, so the use of gas flowing is so common and wide.

Ultrafine airflow classifier technology is one of the very important basic technologies in the modern industry. In modern industries, the raw materials that require a powder state have a small and uniform particle size and higher purity, passing through ultrafine The properties of the raw materials have changed, making ordinary materials have a broader application range, which greatly enhances the added value of the product. In this process, the airflow classifier technology has played an important role. It allows the raw material to separate different granular sections after ultrafying, thereby obtaining the particle size of the user's needs, currently, the airflow classifier is chemical, building materials , Metallurgy, electronics, bioengineering, defense and cutting-edge technology have a wide range of applications.

Airflow classifier material is not only the basis for the preparation of structural materials, but it is also a material with special functions, which is fine ceramics, electronic components, bioengineering treatment, new copy materials, High quality refractory materials and many areas of materials related to fine chemicals are essential. As the ultrafine airflow classifier is increasingly widely used in modern industries, the status of airflow classification technology in powder processing is increasingly important.

Shandong Er Pie specialized ultrafine airflow classifier, powder classifier, laboratory grading machine, jet classifier, etc., has a wide range of graded range, high grading efficiency, high grading accuracy, accurate cutting particle size, The characteristics such as stability, flammable, explosive, and easy oxidation materials can be used to achieve closed circuit classification, inert gas circulation.

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