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Novel, multi-purpose design of high precision airflow classifier

Super-micro gas flow grinding is a more mature ultrafine pulverized device. Unlike other ultrafine pulverized devices, the principle of pulverization is to utilize high-speed airflows, and the energy generated by the nozzle mounted around the cavity, so that the material is intensely impact, collision, friction, and airflow to material. Under shear, pulverized into fine particles. Ultra-micro gas flow is widely used in ultrafine pulverization processing of powder drugs. Its production process continuous, large capacity, and high automation. Moreover, due to the small particle size of the processed product, the particle size distribution is narrow, the purity is high, the particulate activity is high, and the dispersibility is good, and is particularly suitable for the contaminated material that is not allowed to be contaminated.

High-precision airflow classifier and cyclone trap, pulse dust collector, air blower, and control cabinets form a set of hierarchical systems. Below, the staff of Shandong Erfa Powder Technology Co., Ltd. will come to the brief introduction

High-precision airflow classifier


1. Novel design: advanced turbine grading structure, combined grade, collection, control integrated design;

2, ultrafine: high-precision airflow classifier has advanced grading structure to achieve ideal particle size, product particle size Can be adjusted between 2-150 μm;
3, core design: the structure and grading flow field design of the graded impeller, the grading wheel can choose a variety of wear resistance materials;
4, high efficiency: optimize the grading flow field design More suitable for crude material separation, 15-30% increased than ordinary air grade machine;
5, dust-free environmentally friendly: system closed operation, equipped with advanced pulse dust removal, no dust, noise, low noise, production process Clean environmental protection;
6, high automation: Control cabinet contains each control, detection, protection of electric parts, easy to operate, easy to understand;
7, multi-purpose design: can be with high precision airflow classifier, airflow smash The use of the machine, ball mill, and modifier, etc., producing particle size distribution concentrated, fine finished product particle size;
8, explosion-proof, moisture-proof design: nitrogen protection circulation process, ensuring continuous stable operation of oxidized hazardous materials;
In addition, the application field of high-precision airflow classifiers is very wide, such as non-metallic mine (calcium carbonate, kaolin, quartz, mica and other non-metallic mineral products), metal powder, synthetic chemical powder, food, lithiumMaterials, metallurgy, abrasives, ceramics, refractories, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, health products, new materials, etc.

The new era creates new demand. As economic growth is gradually changed from the intensive environmental protection, each industry is facing unlimited opportunities and challenges. Among them, the ALPA powder technology, which is a typical representative of industrial powder equipment manufacturing enterprises, with the new era - environmentally friendly powder equipment, to promote transformation and upgrading of all walks of life, highlighting their own business while achieving green development of partners value.