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There are a variety of forms of airflow pulverizer, applied to non-metallic mine, abrasive, and

Graphite negative electrode material (graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite) Crusher special equipment processing process, on-site no dust pollution, guarantee the clean and dryness of the environment. Graphite pulverization is highly high, large production! Can choose special equipment according to different raw materials, fully automated control, low energy consumption. The pulverized grading accuracy is arbitrarily adjustable between D97 = 3-74 microns. Granular appearance plastic function, spherical graphite "potato shape". Bag dust removal, appendedly anti-blow, offline cleaning, 75% collection rate, effectively reduce the loss of raw materials.

my country's crushing machinery is in the 1980s and has been developed later. Due to the extensive industrial production, it has developed rapidly with the rapid development of the national economy. During the research and development of powder production, application and equipment, there are continuous new equipment, new products appear in the market, and the airflow pulverizer is one of many crushing equipment. The airflow pulverizer is one of the most effective equipment of the powder to achieve ultrafine pulverization, and its current situation and development are widely concerned. Before the 1980s, the fineness of China's crushing material has been staying in 325, and the pulverized machine products are only limited to the mechanical pulverization of "radome, ball mill, vibration grinding". After the reform is open, many materials propose the concept of medium sizing <5um, so the gas flow pulverizer will be delivered.

Since 1882 Goais proposes the first patent using its mobile energy and proposes its model to date, the airflow mill has a variety of forms, summarized below Several types: flat airflow pulverizer, circulating airflow pulverizer, spray air current pulverizer, target airflow pulverizer, fluidized airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed airflow pulverizer.

Airflow pulverizer is an apparatus for ultrafelling solid materials using high-speed airflow (300 ~ 500 m / s) or overheating steam (300 ~ 400 ° C). The gas flow pulverized product has the characteristics of the strength division, smooth particle surface, high granular shape, high purity, or top. The airflow pulverizer is one of the most important ultrafine pulverized equipment, especially when the granularity of the pulverized product, the purity requires high and the added value of the added value. Relying on the inner grading function and with an external grading device, the industrial scale gas flow pulverizer is the finest processing of D = 3 ~ 5μm powder products, and the output is from several tens of kilograms per hour. In domestic super fine pulverized equipment manufacturers,The manufacturer of airflow pulverine machine manufacturers. At present, there are dozens of specifications in air current pulverization machines. These airflow pulverities are widely used in talc, graphite, silica gravine, zircon, kaolin, heavy crystal stone and other non-metallic minerals and abrasives (silicon carbide, boron nitride, pomegranate stone, corundum, etc.), chemical raw materials, pigments Ultrafine pulverization processing in medicine and health products, metals and rare earth metals.

For the next overseas expansion, the General Manager of the ALPA Powder Science and Technology said that ALPA powder technology is very clear and full of confidence. In the future, AlPa Powder Technology adheres to innovation, quality, service, and constructs "global sales" system to form a global competitive manufacturing enterprise.