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Airflow pulverizer is commonly used ultra-fine pulverized equipment, more advantages

Laboratory small airflow grinding for the specific application of experimental equipment, the final effect has been included in the Chengdu University of Technology, Southwest University of Science and Technology, China Nuclear Industry Physics, China, China Weapon Industry, Xi'an 213, Guangzhou Non-ferrous metal research institute, Northwest Non-ferrous Metal Research Institute, Jilin University, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Beijing Mining Research Center, Chemistry Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Oriental, Lanzhou University, Southwest Petroleum University, Xi'an Domestic colleges and universities such as Yuanfei Airlines, Nanjing University, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Central South University, and the uniform recognition of scientific research units have also chosen small air flow grinding for industrial processing.

The airflow pulverizer is one of the ultrafine pulverized equipment commonly used in ZUI, which is widely used in ultrafine pulverization of non-metallic minerals and other brittle materials. Compared with other ultrafine pulverizer, the airflow pulverizer has the following advantages:

1. Crushing only on the energy of the airflow high speed, the unit does not have special moving parts;

2, gas The adiabatic expansion is accelerated, accompanied by cooling, the high speed collision of the particle makes the temperature rise, but since the absolute expansion makes the temperature reduce the temperature, the temperature of the material is not high during the entire pulverization process, which is particularly suitable for the heat sensitive or low melting material.

3, the pulverization is mainly particle collision, almost non-polluting the material, and the surface of the particles is smooth, the purity is high, and the dispersibility is good.

The product using the airflow pulverizer has a narrow particle size distribution, smooth particle surface, particle shape, high purity, and high activity.

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