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In the airflow classifier, the FL type is a representative device.

Inert gas protection airflow pulverization grading machine (nitrogen protective powder equipment) is applied to a metal powder, an easy oxidation of raw materials, flammable explosive materials, pharmaceutical ultrafine powder, and other industries and raw materials that require inert gas protection. Inert gas protection airflow pulverization classifier (nitrogen protective powder equipment) Typical materials are: microcolite type aluminum powder, selenium powder, carbonyl iron powder, cobalt powder, tungsten powder, magnesium powder, nickel powder, tantalum powder, etc.

At present, the domestic airflow classifier can make the accuracy of 1 micron or even the following particle size, which can be comparable to imported equipment, and its equipment is absolutely advantageous, so the domestic airflow classifier is not only selling well. Domestic, it also attracted a large number of overseas users favor. In the domestic airflow classifier, the FW airflow classifier is a representative device.

The FW airflow classifier is the main equipment for large-scale manufacturers in China - Shandong Erman. Since its establishment in 1996, Shandong El Pie has been committed to the development, production and sales of superfine, grading equipment. The products produced are high precision, high efficiency, high quality, and have received a variety of users at home and abroad. .

Shandong Erfa production FW gas flow classifier is an advanced dry grading equipment dedicated to multi-stage ultra-fine grading of ultrafine powder, using innovative self-proportional grading technology and centrifugal technology. The FW airflow classifier can be classified, sheet-like, needle particles, product particle size is stable, high grading efficiency, accurate cutting point. The material enters a grading machine under the action of negative pressure wind and inertial force, and is fully dispersed under the action of the material dispersion zone dispersion, and the upper liter air flows into the grading area, "cage" turbine rotor controlled by the inverter High speed rotation, enabling the material to generate centrifugal force, under the relative equilibrium of centrifugal force and air drag, to achieve the separation of the thick material. The fine powder passes through the "cage" turbine rotor movement together to the discharge port is collected by the collector, and the coarse powder and agglomerate particles are again dispersed in the falling process, and after the second is washed by the bottom The mouth is discharged.

If the product has a quality problem, it is implemented, the replacement, and retreats "three-package terms". From the date of warranty of the equipment, customers have the whole machine with invoice and warranty vouchers. Free warranty "warranty service" for one year. The equipment in the warranty period is in normal use, due to the unitThe cost of the maintenance of itself is taken by the AlPa, except for human damage to the elimination.