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MQW gas flow pulverizer fully compliant with electrode material preparation requirements

Airflow grinding as a new type of high-tech product has achieved significant achievements in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, using gas flow crushing technology in cosmetics industry, enhancing biological utilization, reducing dosage, promoting and expanding absorption, improvement The effect of effect and efficacy. It is mainly used that cell-level fine powder can be absorbed by skin mucosa, and a new way is opened up to further develop traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics.

Compared with other pulverized devices, the average particle size of the electrode material is thin, the particle size distribution is narrow, the particle surface is smooth, the particle shape is high, the activity is high, and the dispersibility is good. It is fully compliant with the preparation requirements of the electrode material, so the airflow pulverizer is widely used.

The airflow pulverizer utilizes the kinetic energy of the high-speed airflow to collide with each other and rubbed. It has the characteristics of continuous, high production capacity and high automation. It can be applied in a variety of finely processed industries such as electronic materials, chemical, mining, metal powders.

Electrode Materials Airflow Crusher Product Features:
1. Precision ceramic polyurethane liner, 100% eluting the metal contamination brought by the material pulverization. Ensure the purity of crushing items. It is especially suitable for electronic materials with extremely high iron content, such as lithium cobaltate, lithium manganese acid, lithium phosphate, ferrite, tri-dielectric, tetrashydilic cobalt, lithium carbonate, lithium carbonate, nickel-cobaltate.
2. No temperature rise, since the material is pulverized in the gas expansion, the temperature of the pulverized cavity is controlled at a normal temperature, and the temperature does not rise.
3. Small wear, due to the main crushing effect is the collision between particles, high-speed particles rarely collide with the wall, which can be applied to the material of the crushing Moh's hardness nine-level materials.
4. Low energy consumption, 30% to 40% of energy conservation compared to other types of gas flow pulverities.
5. For flammable, explosive materials can be smashed with inert gas protection.
6. Adopted advanced touch screen, programmable controller (PLC), implements automation control.
In the numerous gas flow pulverizer model, the MQW series gas current pulverizer is highly concerned, representing representative in the industry, applied to electrode materials or other materials more technically advantages.

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