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FL airflow classification machine fine powder extraction is thorough, and the stability is wide.

Graphite negative electrode material (graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite) Crusher special equipment, Shandong AlPa powder technology mainly consists of MQW airflow, FW airflow classification and CSM mechanical impact grinding series, targeting spherical graphite and artificial graphite characteristics Different, special pulverization grading equipment for custom manufacturing production. Products have: full-negative pressure design, high pulverization grading precision, particle size shaping, low energy consumption, small wear. It can be widely used in graphite (natural graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite) crushing and grading mass production.

The FW airflow classifier is a dry airflow classifier, which is a centrifugal grading machine with a flow field regulation device and a high speed turbine rotor. It has a wide range of grading, high grading efficiency, high grading accuracy, cutting particle size. Accurate, good stability, etc. The FW airflow classifier can not only range from 5 to 45 μm from the ordinary powders, but also with various comminuted equipment (such as: airflow mill, ball mill, Raymond, vibration, etc.) combination Fine powder.

The FW airflow classifier has higher awareness in various industries because the device performs excellent performance in various practical applications, can be generally normally:

( 1) Using a pressure differential sealing method, it is effective to prevent large particle mixed products, and the cutting particle size is accurate, the grading accuracy and grading efficiency are greatly improved. Due to the improvement in the sealing principle, there is no wear of the sealing tank, and the long-term useful life of the impeller is twice.
(2) Unique forced swirl secondary wind structure is arranged in the middle of the shunt cone assembly and the feed assembly, so that the material is sufficiently dispersed, and the fine powder in the crude material is effective, and the grading efficiency can increase by 20%.
(3) The impeller structure uses polymer materials to avoid iron pollution in non-metallic minerals, and improve the purity of the product.
(4) The control system uses variable frequency control. The power component is stable. The motor is pulled by belt transmission to avoid the impact of voltage fluctuations on the rotational speed of the impeller.
(5) The observation port is designed in the intermediate position of the discharge assembly, and the working conditions of the classifier can be observed at any time, and the sealing position is controlled by adjusting the amount of unloading of the variable frequency discharge valve to obtain the best grading effect.
(6) Improve the structure of the impeller, the amount of material is more processing, and the production power is lower.
The FW airflow classifier clears fine or excellent particles in the material, effectively solves the entrained phenomenon, especially the fine powder extraction is more thorough, and the stability is better, and the advantage of this core is widely recognized.

Under the strong advocacy of the country, "green sustainable development" is the main direction of major enterprises. At the same time, it has fully implemented green manufacturing, which has long been the top priority of ALPA powder technology. ALPA Powder Science and Technology Practice Green Manufacturing Concepts, and strive to create a model of traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading.