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This model of airflow ultrafine pulverizer is representative, customizable

Airflow milling because the temperature does not rise, it is very low, the production cycle is also very short, the registration rate is also very high, the distribution of particles is uniform, and the gas flow grinding is gradually become pharmaceutical. In the process, the assistant is effective, according to a certain understanding, when the temperature of the work quality is constantly elevated, the flow rate of the gas will drive the speed of the flow rate, mainly in air as an example.

Airflow ultrafine pulverizer is a complete set of production lines composed of feeder, cyclone separator, dust collector, air, can be used in a variety of field dry raw materials super micro-pulverization, grading, dispersion, Depolymerization. Accuracy can be controlled to free adjustment within 1-74 microns.

The selection of airflow ultrafine pulverizer is very important, and users need to choose a suitable model according to their own raw materials, processing requirements, yield, etc.. Shandong Erphen MQW airflow ultrafine pulverizer is a representative device that can be tailored according to user needs and provides free experiments and testing. In addition, the proper use of the airflow ultrafine pulverizer can not be ignored, let's take a look.

Airflow ultrafine pulverizer correctly:
1, after the airflow ultrafine pulverizer out of the box, first check if the device is damaged in transport, then the high machine and the auxiliary electronic control device are in place, then connect to The main aid, each nozzle flange is equipped with a seal, to apply a "iron anchor 609" liquid sealant to ensure the seal of the pipe, while the single tube and flange are connected to the ground wire, and ground to avoid Electrostatic spark caused by dust explosion.
2, you need to check if there is a metal object in the machine before each independent test run, if any excluded. The bolt is tightened, the belt sealing, the reliability of the protective cover, and the like.
3, start the stable various motors in the following order, close the throttle start, grinding machine -> dust collector -> rating device -> Spiral feeder -> Open the throttle valve -> ventilator.
4, after the empty car runs five minutes, the operator carefully observes the various instruments on the control cabinet, so that the no-load current is stable before it can feed. After the feed, the current is not allowed to exceed the rated value 32.6a, otherwise it should be reduced to ensure that the discharge can be scheduled to operate normally.
5, can stop in the following order, screw feeder -> 5After minute, you can close with the host, dust collector, sorter -> blower.
6, manipulating the stepless speed handle, can change the speed of the grading wheel, and adjust the product to a fine. If the fine particle size is required, the speed can be improved, and vice versa, reduce the speed, and the particle size of the particle. The correct use of aerobic ultrafine pulverizer can extend the service life of the equipment.
Today's airflow ultrafine pulverizer has been applied to a variety of high-end areas such as ore, chemical, new energy, new materials, ceramics, rare earths, etc., and MQW gas flow ultrafine pulverizer has higher visibility in various industries. .

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