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Silica dissocietary powder gas flow pulverizer is pulverized than disc airflow

Airflow grinding temperature without medium smashing: low melting point, thermal sensitivity, fibrous, polymer polymer powder; flammable, explosive, easy oxidized material for ultrafine processing Moques hardness; inert gas Realize the closed circuit cycle, the inert gas circulation is used.

In addition to in the powder coating system, silica removed powder can be applied to all coatings. In the processing of silica, the pulverization is essential, and the fluid bed gas flow mill is required at this time. The device uses a high-speed airflow to drive the material, which makes the raw material particles and the particles are cut with each other, and the particles and the inner walls of the particles are hit by each other, so that the feedstock is double pulverized, improves the pulverization efficiency, and therefore, the fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer is almost In an instant, the raw material can be pulverized from the original dimension to the ultrafine powder state.

The fluidized bed airflow pulverizer for silica-dissipating powder has the following characteristics:
1. Principle characteristics of the lower pulverization region and discs ultrasonic air flow pulverizer The characteristics are the same, so that the powder added to the pulverizer is easily hit by gas flow, relatively fluidized beds have a high pulverization chance of hit models. 2. The upper part of the principle uses fluidized bed horizontal worm wheels to force grading, the cut point is accurate, the efficiency is high, and any different hardness can be controlled. 3. During the pulverization process, since the upper worm gear is forced to grade, the thick material is precipitated at the bottom of the pulverizer, and the concentration of the pulverized region is twice to the disk airflow pulverizer, so the model is smashed than the disc. The machine is more comminuted. 4. The material of the pulverized component is all jade ceramic materials, including the high rotation speed, all of which are also all corundum ceramic materials. Make sure that the crushed material is high purity, no impurities pollution, and the whiteness of finished products is not affected. 5. According to the process requirements of the customer, the raw material is selected for performance requirements such as raw material whiteness, transparency, particle hardness, hole contraction value, which can process powder products that meet the particle size. 6. When processed silica, the product is finestate can be D100 <18um。它对粉碎物体进行粉碎时,在保证控制粒度的上限的同时,也能调节成品的中位径。对所需粉体产品的粒度分布(中位径)能做到人为控制。
The production of fluidized bed gas flow in Shandong Erli is used for the preparation of silica has a very mature technology and technology. After many practical Case shows that the Elfa fluidized bed airflow pulverizer has high precision, high efficiency, high stability, and has higher visibility in the industry.

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