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Airflow pulverizer fineness and uniformity meet market demand

After the airflow mill is broken, the starting time is short, and the absorption is more sufficient, the pharmaceutical is more comprehensive, and the effect is more obvious. The cell-breaking crusher is a cell-breaking homogenized operation in which the cells breaking the Chinese herbal medicine cells. After the cell is broken, the internal solvent in the broken cell can be directly contacted the effective ingredients of the solvent, which can directly enter the solvent by the human body; the drug starting time will be significantly shortened, the drug is more comprehensive, and the intensity is higher , The amount of absorbent will increase, so that the role is also more obvious. The cosmetic raw material can be homogenized by a superfine pulverizer. It will cause precision composite and uniformity of the effective components of Chinese herbal medicines, which can also enhance the effect of drugs.

The airflow pulverizer is a well-known processing equipment in the modern industry, and has a wide range of infiltration in many industries. The pulverization fineness and uniformity of the airflow pulverizer has always been the advantage of it, and it is also the capital of the leader in crushing equipment.

The airflow pulverizer mainly relies mainly of the collision between the material itself during the pulverization process, the equipment is resistant to wear, the purity of the pulverized product is high, and it is favored by the pharmaceutical industry. However, with the state's quality, the pharmaceutical enterprises have proposed higher requirements for the particle size, purity and particle size distribution of powder products. In order to meet the development needs of pharmaceutical industry, airflow crusher companies need to improve optimization equipment on the basis of existing equipment, making the smashed products more uniform.

The author learned that in order to promote the development of my country's gas flow crusher technology, many companies are working hard, and many companies have achieved certain achievements. For example, Shandong El Pie Clause Technology Co., Ltd. has made a major breakthrough in terms of fineness. The person in charge said that the Shandong Yeli gas current pulverizer can smash the medicinal material to the human body cells, even less than human cells, thereby It is conducive to human body absorption.
Industry people said that as the medicinal material is getting finer and finer, the distribution is increasing and uniform, and the airflow pulverizer will bring a revolution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. From now on, although my country's gas flow crusher still has certain gaps compared to foreign advanced technology levels, with the continuous efforts of my country's enterprises, airflow crusher products will have a bigger breakthrough in medicinal materials.

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