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Airflow pulverizer also has excellent performance in scattered conjunction

It is especially suitable for pulverizing fibrous and belt materials with a certain grease. Its comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level, and AlPa gas flow is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food (Example: Chinese medicine. Food. Chemical. Care. Roots. Radius. Corn, rice, pepper, pepper, oil wheat, soy, garlic , Octagonal, cinnamon, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, dried ginger, garlic, sugar, sugar, food, shrimp skin, pumpkin powder, seasoning, etc.

In the processing of powder materials, the pulverized ultrafine powder is often caused by static electricity, or because drying produces agglomeration, because of the phenomenon of torching, the gatherings will follow up The grading is treated as a large particle stop, causing the loss of the finished product. At this time, a device that can be dispersed can be dispersed. For this fake reunion, if a general pulverizer can be used, the raw material morphology may be destroyed and caused by pulverization, and then the second pulverization process will make the yield reduce. At this time, the ZUI's appropriate equipment is to use a specially configured airflow pulverizer to dissolve and deliver, in order to ensure that the production zui is high in the premise of ensuring that the morphology is not damaged.

For the grading problem of agglomerated materials, the airflow pulverus launched by the Shandong Erfa powder is scattered with compressed air, but it is not a standard airflow crushing host. The amount of gas is extremely low, and it is possible to select only the model of the air compressor required for the standard dust collector. The cost of equipment investment is different from the standard classification machine. The energy consumption gap is basically negligible. The dissipative strength can be adjusted by the intake pressure to maintain the original topography and particle size size of the raw material. The impact of the material is much higher than the standard airflow pulverizer, and can do 100% material collision and the discrete. Its unique process design can maintain only the processing capability of only the level, that is, the dissipation process does not bring production attenuation. With high precision classifiers and dust-proof systems, the airflow pulverizer can be applied to various metal powders, non-mineral, abrasives, chemical and other industries and raw materials of raw materials, and the finest can be applied to nanocrystalline diamonds, nanocarbonic acid. The dispersion of nano raw materials such as calcium. It can be applied to various agglomeration states such as fake reunion, population, conjunction, and slabs.

From the above, the airflow pulverizer is not only in the crushing, but can also be used for the dispersion of ultrafine powder materials after different configurations, Shandong Yeli airflow crusher manufacturersFor free processed experiments and testing, users provide ZUI security.

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