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Wide range of gas flow crushers, suitable for brittle dry powder raw materials

Airflow grinding in the chemical industry, paint, coating, the solid ingredients in the dye are ultrafetlasses, which can be made into a new product of high performance. In papermaking, plastic and rubber products, solid fillers such as: calcium carbonate, titanium oxide, silicon oxide can produce high-performance copper sheets, plastics and rubber products.

The use of airflow crusher equipment is we all know, but we don't have much understanding of airflow crushers. Let's take a look at some related issues of airflow crushers, but we It has a better understanding, and it has also added our knowledge.

1. What is going on if the airflow crusher equipment is hanging or sticking? Most of the causes are too much moisture content in the material, or more impurities, and the cause of static electricity.

2. The pulverization method of the airflow pulverizer is a vibrating screen siece, and then there is a cyclone separator pulverization method.

3. For the bottom of the cyclone separator, the bottom is not available, but what is the reason for the following? It is mainly to the thrustor suction, and the adhesive materials are in the cyclone separator.
The range of airflow pulverizer is widely used. This model is suitable for crushing of brittle dry powder, which is very good, suitable for materials below 8. It is very suitable for low-melting materials. The airflow pulverizer equipment brand discharge port can be lifted, and the fineness is very high. The airflow pulverizer is simple, unpacking, and easy to repair, suitable for industry.

For many years, AlPa Powder Technology has always guided the manufacturing quality of industrial powders, and continues to precipitate, creating the processes, welding automation, and molding process standards. Professional manufacturing levels meet the pursuit of customers "safe, efficient and energy saving", so that every ALPA gas flow crusher has become the superiority of contributes.