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Look at the principle of pulverization and ultrafine pulverization and mechanical ultrafine pulveriz

The entire production line wire uses a full enclosed negative pressure, and the production site will never have dust and dust pollution. With PLC programming control, safety measures are multi-visual, parallel work, only one of the measures can effectively function, to eliminate safety hazards. In terms of security, the inert gas protection airflow pulverization classifier mainly has the following characteristics: isolation oxygen. In the process, the oxygen content tester continuously monitors the oxygen content in the airflow, and nitrogen is supplemented immediately when it exceeds some extent, so that the oxygen content is always maintained within the safety production standard. Control the gas powder concentration: The feeding system supporting the feature is fully closed, uniform, and is controlled by the control cabinet. Fully enclose the effect of isolating oxygen, uniform speed, controls the material concentration inside the added device, and can be arranged any. Timely release of static electricity and elimination of fire: Pulse anti-blow collector with carbon wire special filter material, can eliminate static electricity in time while ensuring pulse clear ash clean thoroughly. The equipment is all metal components, all grounded to try to release powder static electricity. Circulation cooling: explosion-proof dustproof, emergency stop.

There are many customers who have given our company to call the airflow ultrafine pulverizer. When we introduce it to it, many customers have such questions, "Your machine is not relying on the airflow high-speed collision material smash. Is the machine? "Since our airflow ultrafine pulverizer is mechanical pulverized, it is different from the gas stream produced by the machine itself, so it is in nature and the airflow pulverizer. The distinction between the ultrafine pulverizer and the mechanical ultrafine crusher said that I hope to help everyone know that these two machines are better!

The so-called air flow ultrafine pulverizer is a gas stream that accelerates the high pressure gas through the supersonic nozzle, incident in the pulverization region, so that the material flow , The huge kinetic energy of the material particles in the high-speed airflow is accelerated, and the mutual impact collision in the nozzle interval, thereby achieving a pulverized purpose. The pulverized material with the rising airflow to reach the grading area, the turbine ultra-fine divider in the grading area is selected from the desired fineness, and collects the tank by a high-efficiency cyclone separator. The pulverization and grading of the powder were carried out simultaneously in the same cavity, greatly improved the power of the powder of the powder, and the coarse material selected by the classifier was returned to the hitting zone to continue pulverization. Thus continuously, according to the aboveRing and continuous production. The output of the output is collected by a high-efficiency cyclone separator, and the gas flow after the material is filtered through the filter, and the drum is purified. This is a real airflow pulverizer.

Mechanical ultrafine pulverizer MQL series model is an ultrastructure of dry material ultrafine pulverized equipment using heavy polishing and shearing. It consists of a cylindrical crushed chamber, a polishing wheel, a polishing rail, a fan, a material collection system, and the like. The material enters the cylindrical pulverizing chamber by the feed opening, and is crushed by the polishing wheel that is circumferential movement along the grinding rail, and dissensibly. The pulverized material brings out the pulverizer through the negative pressure air flow caused by the fan, into the material collection system, filtered through the filter bag, the air is discharged, the material, the dust is collected, and the pulverization is completed.
Therefore, through the principle of crushing and screening, it is not difficult to see the essential difference between air flow ultrafine pulverizer and mechanical ultrafine pulverizer. The above is just some information about the two, hoping to help everyone distinguish these machines, and Select the appropriate machine according to your own crush.

The powder equipment industry is an eternal industry coexisting with humans. Science and technology is an important factor in promoting the development of the powder equipment industry and important forces. ALPA powder technology gives full play to the company's research and development strength, relying on science and technology. Force, innovative design high-efficiency airflow crusher powder equipment breaks through technical barriers, successfully obtained national utility model patents. In the future, AlPA Powder Technology will produce more cleaner and discharged airflow powder powder equipment, further promotion to advocate energy-saving and emission reduction, improve the ecological environment.