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Senior manufacturers introduce you to the purchase common sense of the airflow classifier

Airflow milling for drugs, the drug particles after micronization mainly include: increase the specific surface area of ​​the powder powder, a more compact PSD (particle distribution size), more uniform size, better powder control characteristics ( Suspension, dispersion and absorption), more predictable powder properties, color consistency, gloss, opacity.

The use of airflow classifiers in the current stage of industrial production process can be said to be of great significance, Shandong Yuepai has been committed to research and development and application of airflow grading, crushing, etc. in Hong Kong for many years. In the process, the airflow classifier we produced has gradually begun to modernize, high-efficiency direction, and we believe that customers can provide a set of production planning programs within a certain range.

The airflow classifier is an essential equipment in the powder processing industry. Nowadays, it is now popular in various industries, but many users are still in the early stages of the purchase of airflow classifiers. More confused, do not know which aspects come from selecting the right equipment, the following senior manufacturers Shandong Erpiece will introduce the purchase common sense about the airflow classifier.

When purchasing airflow classifiers, the basic performance and quality of the equipment are we must do, because if the performance and quality of the airflow classifier is not good, then it is often very high, use The effect is also very general. So the basic point when purchasing the airflow classifier is to view the performance and quality, performance and quality of the equipment, so don't try to buy, so as not to have problems you have in use.
Try to see if the airflow crusher manufacturer provides after-sales service guarantee when purchasing the airflow classifier. Many companies usually provide after-sales service guarantee when selling airflow classifiers, so that even if they use the airflow classifier, even if there is still a situation, it will feel safe and peaceful, and you can contact the manufacturer to solve the problem. But if the manufacturer does not have after-sales service guarantees, then when using the airflow classifier, it will feel very difficult to solve it, and the professional person will take a lot of money. Therefore, when purchasing the airflow classification machine, pay attention to the quality, performance of the equipment, and its after-sales service guarantee is a big problem.
Shandong Erpai is a manufacturer specializing in the production of airflow classifiers.A production base with unique technical advantages in China. Shandong Yeli airflow classifier has high precision, high efficiency, high quality advantages, has higher visibility in many wells in China. The company provides free incoming experiments and testing, welcome to inquire, incoming experiments, and visit the factory.

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