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Shandong Erpa is a unique technical advantage of airflow crusher manufacturers

Experimental equipment is different from industrial mass production equipment, and there is a need to face a variety of materials, or experimental requirements for different particle size of the same material. When using operations, if there are different materials or different granular conditions, it is necessary to completely clean the equipment to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between materials or particle size, avoiding the experiment to not be accurate, ensuring the objectivity of experimental data. At the same time, the experimental equipment also has an operator, an operating environment, and the like have a large difference in industrial mass production equipment. This laboratory special series equipment is divided into four categories: laboratory gas flow blast (airflow mill), laboratory airflow classifier, laboratory impact grinding and laboratory inert gas protection crusher.

In the field of industrial manufacturing, the airflow pulverizer has become an essential equipment. At present, there are many airflow mill manufacturers. The product process and product quality are different, then choose a powerful manufacturer. It is very important for users to say. Shandong Erse is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of airflow crusher, and is a manufacturer with unique technical advantages in China. Here is the knowledge about the gas current crusher by Shandong Erpai Xiaobian.

Daily maintenance airflow pulverizer to check the power outlet, plug, the power cord is no oxygen offset, the break, if you do not have a power test, when the motor is not rotated, use his hand to lightly When the round is rotatable, it can be concluded that one capacity fails in the two start capacitors of the machine. If you can send a discharge spark and a very fringe, the capacitor can be used; if the sparks and sound are weak, the capacity of the capacitance has dropped, and the new or add a small capacitor. If the airflow pulverizer does not use this method if the capacitor has been damaged, and it must be repaired with the same size.

Check if the lubrication of the bearing is good to check if all fasteners are fastened. Check if the drive belt is installed correctly and the situation is good. If the belt breakage should be replaced in time, when there is oil in the belt or the groove, apply a clean rag to clean. Check if the protective device is good, if it is found that the protective device is unsafe phenomenon, it should be excluded in time. Check that there is an ignorant or other debris in the damage chamber, if it is sometimes cleaned. Check if the hydraulic top machine head or the starting roof rod is returned, adjust whether the gasket is properly installed correctly and compact.

The above is the daily maintenance of the airflow crusher manufacturers.Knowledge of maintenance, need to purchase airflow pulverizer, airflow pulverizer, ultrafine pulverizer, airflow classifier, airflow screening machine, inert gas protection airflow classifier, experimental airflow pulverizer and other products can contact us 13061397961 Contact us.

For many years, AlPa Powder Technology has always guided industrial powder equipment to make quality, and continuously sedimentation, creating a process standard for digitalization, welding automation, and molding. Professional manufacturing levels meet the pursuit of customers "safe, efficient and energy saving", so that every ALPA gas flow crusher has become the superiority of contributes.