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Purchasing Xiao Soda mill TSM300

Purchasing Xiao Soda mill TSM300

Anyang Silk Co., Ltd. is located in the area where the Iron and steel industry cluster of Henan Province is located. The company was built in November 2003. It

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General introduction

  Anyang Silk Co., Ltd. is located in the area where the Iron and steel industry cluster of Henan Province is located. The company was built in November 2003. It is built in December 2004, which covers an area of ​​more than 500 acres. It is a private steel enterprise integrating iron making, steel making and rolling.

  The total investment of the ironmaking branch is 220 million yuan. The main equipment has a 1080m3 blast furnace, 2, and reserved one. There are 1 central distribution chamber with blast furnace, 2 sets of cooling systems, 4 spherical hot stoves, complete hot air systems and dust removal equipment. There are 35 tons of steam boiler, a set of flow rate of 2500m3 / steam mill. The power generation system mainly uses a set of 6000 kW vapor generators using gas exhaust gas, using a 4500 kW TRT generator set of differential pressure power generation. The sintering system mainly has a 60m2 sintering machine production line, 4 of the φ8M ball clutch, 2 sets of φ6.2m. The iron system mainly has 2 sets of blast furnace iron cast iron machines, and a special small train for iron water transport railway. In addition, there is a fully equipped large-scale vendor, and various lathes, planer, drilling machines such as ironmaking production machines, complete equipment, and a large excavator, which can meet the demand for iron making production.

  Total investment of steelmaking production is 200 million yuan, the main equipment has 2 × 40T oxygen top blowing furnace 2 (currently mutually spare), four four-flow small square billet joint, 6000m3 One oxygen station is designed, 1 seat is reserved. 300T mixed iron furnace, 1 refining furnace, a 50,000 m3 converter gas recovery cabinet, 1 central distribution room, 1 central pump room, complete water system is fully equipped. 15 panels used in steelmaking, 15 turning machines, various lathes, planer, drilling machines, and equipment such as vertical drilling machines, large-scale coil machines. In addition, the 2nd 8M four-machine four-row / round-billet automatic water distribution continuous casting machine is under construction, and it can be built in the near future.

  Baby Soda Introduction:

  Sodium Bicarbonate, molecular formula is NaHCO, is a inorganic salt, white crystalline powder, odorless, flavor, easy Dissolved in water. Slowly decompose in humid air or hot air, producing carbon dioxide, plusHeat until 270 ° C completely decomposed. It is strongly decomposed to produce carbon dioxide. Sodium ions are normal need for human body, generally to be non-toxic. But excess intake may cause alkali poisoning, damage the liver, and can induce hypertension.

  Sodium bicarbonate solids begin to gradually decompose to form sodium carbonate, water and carbon dioxide gas at 50 ° C, often utilize this property as a bulk agent for making biscuits, pastries, steamed bread, bread. Sodium bicarbonate will remain sodium carbonate after the action, and excessive use will make the finished product a certainty.

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