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purchases sodium chloride / potassium chloride

purchases sodium chloride / potassium chloride

Some Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company that is committed to the whole process technology of powder, providing complete powder production solutions

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General introduction

  Some Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company that is committed to the whole process technology of powder, providing complete powder production solutions and related products for pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industry. The characteristics of the powder material have a triper, only to know the road, the best, the excellent powder technology helps the customer's production, can greatly improve the quality and productivity of the powder products, and improve the production environment, reduce Cost of production. With many years of technology accumulating the delivery, transportation, storage, screening, crushing, ingredients and complete set of powder systems, providing appropriate solutions for customers.

  In order to become a powder technology expert as the company's vision, it is thought that customers provide excellent powder process programs as the company's mission, the company's success and development of the company's power stems from continuous technological innovation and ** quality A constant pursuit. Our many products and technologies are from the unique needs of our customers. These needs are the continuous improvement of the company, constantly create value for customers, and constantly achieve new success. For each project, we are strictly in accordance with the project management process, from In-depth development of project demand analysis with customers, once functional design, product design, equipment manufacturing, FAT, SAT and lifelong after-sales service and spare parts supply guarantee, full process management and control, through many years such active applications, companies It has accumulated rich powder project experience, summarizing as a mature theory and program, and then further uses to guide new projects in practice. We are in this direction, and we will study hard, and develop our customers. keep trying.

  Sodium chloride, is an inorganic ionic compound, a chemical NaCl, a colorless cube crystallization or a small crystalline powder, a salty. The appearance is a white crystal shape, its source is mainly sea water, and is the main component of salt. Soluble in water, glycerol, slightly soluble in ethanol (alcohol), liquid ammonia; insoluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid. In pure sodium chloride is toudized in the air. The stability is better, and the aqueous solution is neutralized, and the method of electrolytic saturated sodium chloride solution is generally used to produce hydrogen, chlorine and sodium alkali (sodium hydroxide) and other chemical products (generally referred to as chlor-alkali industries) can also be used for ore. Smelting (electrolytic melting sodium chloride crystals produces sodium sodium), medical use to configure physiological saline, and can be used in condiments.

  Potassium chloride is an inorganic compound, the chemical formula is KCL, the appearance is like a salt, odorless, tasteful. Commonly used in low sodium salts, mineral water additives. Potassium chloride is a clinically used electrolyte balance regulatory drug, and the clinical efficacy is exactly, widely used in clinical sections. White crystals, smell, odorless non-toxicity. Soluble in water, ether, glycerol, and base, slightly soluble in ethanol, but insoluble in absolute ethanol, hygroscopicity, easy to cake; increased rapidly with the increase in temperature, and sodium salt Generation of new potassium salts is generated in the formation.

  Sodium bicarbonate, the molecular formula is NaHCO, is a inorganic salt, a white crystalline powder, odorless, allome, and is soluble in water. Slowly decompose in moist air or hot air, producing carbon dioxide, and heat it to 270 ° C. It is strongly decomposed to produce carbon dioxide. Sodium ions are normal need for human body, generally to be non-toxic. But excess intake may cause alkali poisoning, damage the liver, and can induce hypertension. Sodium bicarbonate solids begin to gradually decompose to form sodium carbonate, water and carbon dioxide gas at 50 ° C, often using this property as a bakery, paste, steamed bread, bread. Sodium bicarbonate will remain sodium carbonate after the action, and excessive use will make the finished product a certainty.

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