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purchases heavy calcium powder powder FW630-4

purchases heavy calcium powder powder FW630-4

Shandong Calcium Industry Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, the new construction of 500,000 tons of nano-grade heavy calcium carbonate powder and d

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General introduction

  Shandong Calcium Industry Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, the new construction of 500,000 tons of nano-grade heavy calcium carbonate powder and deep processing project covering an area of ​​80 acres, total investment of 150 million yuan, total construction area 19778.5 Square meters, simultaneous supporting warehousing logistics projects. The product is nano-grade heavy calcium carbonate powder, which is grinded by natural carbonate minerals such as square album, marble, is an important green, energy saving and emission reduction, which meets non-metallic mineral materials for sustainable countries.

  The company is located in 2001, Linjiao Industrial Park, Shenghai East Road, Shouguang City, Shouguang City, Shandong Province, and the transportation and development of Shouguang City, the railway translatant, national roads and urban and rural roads all over the country. Jiqing Expressway Hengdu Life City, Yiyang Railway, the north and south, Dali Long Railway traversed things, Weigao, Yang to and other provincial roads, national road vertical and horizontal, new foreign loop four-way eight up, national second type open port Okou Port, you can go directly to the surrounding countries and regions.

  The company has two specification mills of vertical and cycterotous mill production of ultrafine calcium carbonate, advanced technology, not only reduce the single calcium calcium carbonate, but also the product fineness level distribution uniform In all kinds of paper or processing paper, there are ultra-fine powder or use ultrafine powder to surface coatings, which can improve paper strength and gloss. It can be effectively supplied to my country's paper industry with other industries that use ultrafine heavy calcium carbonate, which has important significance for my country's plastics, papermaking, rubber, coatings, paints and other industries.

  Heavy calcium carbonate is referred to as heavy calcium, is a raw material with high quality limestone, processed by lime mills into white powder, it The main ingredient is Caco3. Heavy calcium has the characteristics of high whiteness, good purity, softness and chemical composition stability. Heavy calcium is usually used as a filler, which is widely used in artificial bricks, rubber, plastics, paper, coatings, paints, inks, cables, construction products, food, medicine, textile, feed, toothpaste and other natural industries. Increase the volume of the product and reduce production costs. For rubber, increase the volume of rubber, improve the processability of rubber, and semi-reinforced or reinforced effects, and adjust the hardness of the rubber. The application characteristics of heavy calcium powder are: 1 Due to the small specific surface area and the oil absorption value, it is easier to mix the resin; 2 is small, the size of the filler is small, the density is large;The types and content of different raw materials are different, the color of the product is unstable. Light calcium carbonate can be adjusted to regulate the particle crystal shape due to different applications. It is suitable; due to the small amount of sedimentation volume or small stacking density, the volume of the article can increase the volume of the article; due to the small impurity, the color difference of the article is uniform; due to the original Small levels, the mechanical properties of the filler materials are better under the same filling amount; however, due to large surface area and oil absorption, the resistance is large (more difficult to mix).

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