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Jiangsu Purchasing Pharmaceutical Ultrafine Crushed Equipment

Jiangsu Purchasing Pharmaceutical Ultrafine Crushed Equipment

A Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu, is a bio-pharmaceutical enterprise with the R & D, production, sales and technical services of polypeptide, sma

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General introduction

  A Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu, is a bio-pharmaceutical enterprise with the R & D, production, sales and technical services of polypeptide, small molecular chemical drugs. The company is a national high-tech enterprise and provincial science and technology enterprise, established in April 2009, located in the national Lianyungang Technical Development Zone. The company listed in the new three board in January 2016 and more than 800 employees. The company is committed to building technology innovation, breaking through the technical bottleneck of drug development and production, and constructs the whole industry chain from the pharmaceutical advanced intermediate, raw drugs to the preparation, providing green, low-cost, high-quality, efficient medical related products and technology in the global market. service.

  In terms of research and development, the company adheres to the power of technology innovation, continuously strengthening the construction of independent innovation, and investing more than 10% annually. The company has three provincial R & D centers such as Northern Biology, Australian, Xinbis, and has formed a research and development team with international technical and level of national key points, and the provincial talent program expert. There are more than 160 people, including more than 40 doctors, 6 people in the sea. The R & D Center provides a solid technical support for the company's overall industry chain by integrating hardware and software conditions and implementing technology integration. In addition, the company also cooperated with Professor Hartmut Michel, the German Biochemist-Nobel Chemical Award, and accelerated the promotion of the company's technological innovation. The company has more than 50 patents, more than 50 patents in the application, and has established good industrial research cooperation with multiple colleges and research institutes.

  Medicine introduction:

  [Yīyào); Medicine; Medicament is a substance or formulation that prevents or treats or diagnoses human and livestock diseases. Drugs are divided into natural drugs and synthetic drugs. Medicines can also prevent disease, treat diseases, reduce pain, promote health, or enhance the body's resistance to disease or help to diagnose disease.

  Medicine is a scientific for human beings with disease struggles and promotion of health. Its object is a society. Therefore, medical and social sciences, medical ethics have a close relationship. The famous medical history of this century pointed out: "Medical is a social science." "Every action of medicine has always involved two types of parties - doctors and patients, or moreIt is said that it is a medical group and society, and medicine is nothing more than a multifaceted relationship between the two groups. "Due to the development of medical science and the transformation of medical models, people have changed from traditional biomedical models to creatures, psychology, and social medical models.

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