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Purchasing Pharmaceutical Crushed Equipment Production Line

Purchasing Pharmaceutical Crushed Equipment Production Line

A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia is established in October 2003, mainly produces an in-laws and related pharmaceutical intermediates. More than 1,3

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General introduction

  A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia is established in October 2003, mainly produces an in-laws and related pharmaceutical intermediates. More than 1,300 employees, the company covers an area of ​​1500 mu, the total investment of fixed assets has reached 2.5 billion yuan, and the payment of the tax payment has more than 1 billion yuan; in 2019, sales revenue is nearly 1.5 billion yuan, and the profit and tax is 150 million yuan; main products Through international high-end certifications such as FDA, EU CEP; export products account for 40% of the company's total sales, and our products are sold around more than 20 countries and regions.

  The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a national green factory, an Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Green Factory, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Enterprise Research and Development Center, Hohhot Enterprise Research and Development Center. More than 20 scientific and technological transformation results have been completed, and a number of achievements have been completed by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hohhot Science and Technology Progress Award, and apply for 22 national patents.

  The company's products and quality indicators have always maintained a leading level in the same industry. All products have passed GMP certification; all products have passed India, Japan, South Korea and other official certifications; got the European CEP certificate; 2015 "zero defect" through the US National Food and Drug Administration Sudden examination in the bureau (FDA); in March 2018, the FDA is reviewed again through the FDA on-site, which marks the company's quality management has gradually docked international advanced levels, enhances the company's core competitiveness.

  Medicine introduction:

  [Yīyào); Medicine; Medicament is a substance or formulation that prevents or treats or diagnoses human and livestock diseases. Drugs are divided into natural drugs and synthetic drugs. Medicines can also prevent disease, treat diseases, reduce pain, promote health, or enhance the body's resistance to disease or help to diagnose disease.

  Medicine is a scientific for human beings with disease struggles and promotion of health. Its object is a society. Therefore, medical and social sciences, medical ethics have a close relationship. The famous medical history in this century pointed out: "Medical is a social science." "Every action of medicine has always involved two types of parties - doctors and patients, or more broadly, is a medical group and society. Medicine is nothing more than a multifaceted relationship between these two groups. "The development of medical science and the transformation of medical models, people have changed from traditional biomedical models to creatures, psychology, and social medical model.

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