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Qingdao purchases the aluminum silicate ultrafine pulveration

Qingdao purchases the aluminum silicate ultrafine pulveration

An Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the fascinating fascination. The New District of Qingdao West Coast, now has a 100-acre industri

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General introduction

  An Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the fascinating fascination. The New District of Qingdao West Coast, now has a 100-acre industrial park and covers an area of ​​the R & D center building. Founded in February 2006, the company is Chinese and foreign joint venture in Junlian Capital, Shandong High-tech and Natural People's shareholders. On May 22, 2019, the company officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM.

  The company specializes in environmentally friendly high-tech enterprises specializing in solid waste, harsh waste disposal services and effective cycle of waste.

  The company and Jiujiang subsidiary holds the hazardous waste operation license issued by the local provincial environmental protection department. At present, the total number of crisis has a total of 28,480 tons / year, mainly for refiners' waste catalyst treatment treatment. In the industry, the company has created "waste catalyst treatment + waste catalyst resource production and re-use + resource catalyst sales", thoroughly solving the worries of customers' waste catalyst treatment, forming "waste catalyst disposal and catalyst sales" A benign circulation that has been driven to each other has become a large number of resource circulatory modes for customers with professional customized catalyst products and waste catalyst treatment.

  The company has strong technical strength and high-quality R & D team to address the actual needs of customers as starting point, focus on the diversification and functionality of catalyst products, and improve product quality; and strengthen the upgrade of technical service platforms, broaden Technical service channels, improve the full-scale precision technical service system; at the same time, continuously invoib to innovate solid waste, harmless disposal and resource utilization technology, and improve the value of resource products to promote the development of circular economy in various industries.

  Aluminum silicate:

  Aluminum silicate is a silicate, chemical formula Al2SiO5, because most silicate structures are very complex, often in the form of salts Instead, it is written in the form of the respective oxides, so the aluminum aluminum is often written by Al2O3 · SiO2. The density of the aluminum silicate is 2.8 to 2.9 g / cubic centimeters, the refractive index is 1.56, and the macquard hardness is related to the type of ore, the water content is related, and there is a variation between 4.5 to 7.5. Aluminum silicate powder is often used as a fire material, such as in the glass industry as a glass kiln.

  Synthetic silicate is mainly two forms, one of themIt is a silicone-aluminum gel, including a silicone-aluminated gel containing molecular sieve. The oil column forming silicone microspheres are the earliest seen in 1949. The silica-aluminum gel and molecular sieve silica gel are mainly used as a catalytic cracking catalyst for petroleum refining. Catalytic cracking is a major depth processing method, which is an important means of producing aviation gasoline infrastructure and high-end vehicle gasoline. The other is precipitated aluminum acid, which is actually a sodium silicate, and the molecular formula is: Na2O · Al2O3 · 2.3 ~ 3.2 SiO2 · NH2O. In 1962 Degussa, the company will first put it into the market, the product name is P820. The precipitated silicate is a "increaseder" of white pigment titanium white, because its optical isolation is used to replace 10 to 25% titanium white powder in white coatings, and the white paint film is not lowered. And whiteness has improved. Therefore, it is used in indoor and outdoor water-based latex paints and various solvent-based white paints. Due to this "increased agent" of aluminum silicate, the coating cost can be greatly reduced without affecting the mass of the coating film.

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